Handmade polymer cay necklace header

I love giving gifts to my friends and family. What with furnishing the flat and slowly becoming accustomed to paying bills however, I am rather lacking in funds and so this year I have had to get a bit creative. A few of my friends are aware of how much I enjoy making polymer clay jewellery and have commented that they like those that I have made in the past (e.g. Aztec Bunting Necklace and Tea & crafts), so when their birthdays came up, I decided to make them a necklace myself. Using some materials I already had, I gave them each a totally unique necklace and saved myself a few pennies in the process.

Handmade polymer cay necklace finished
Fimo soft polymer clay
Triangle polymer clay acrylic paint
Jewellery making eyepins
Adding holes to clay pendant
Glue eyepins holes polymer clay pendant
Sharpie polymer clay necklace
Sharpie polymer clay necklace
Purple gold sharpie polymer clay triangle necklace

Because I am always one for co-ordinating presents, I bought a matching lilac Barry M Nail Varnish (in Berry Ice Cream) to finish off the gift.

What money-saving handmade gifts have you made?

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