I love a house plant as much as the next person, but when you're working and studying full time, looking after yourself can feel like a struggle let alone another living organism. After failing to keep several plants and herbs alive (RIP Basil, who I accidentally sprayed with a clear sealer and killed - crafting in a flat has it's issues!), I'd abandoned the idea of keeping plants until I stumbled across this almost phallic little cactus in my local garden centre. After a chat with a stranger beside me, who it turned out also had a bit of a history as a plant killer, I decided that this miniature cactus (aka Burt) would be coming home with me. Return to the present and I have two cacti that are both going strong! In celebration, I decided to make these geometric planters using plaster of paris, and plan to make a few more in different colours so that they can slot together as my cacti tribe grows! Keep reading to find out how I made it...

1.  Download and print out the Hexagon Mould Printable onto card. Assemble as instructed on the print out.

2.  Line your mould with clingfilm so that the mould doesn't become soggy.

3.  Mix up your plaster of paris; generally you should be looking for two parts plaster to 1 part water.

4.  Pour in the plaster of paris mix into the mould and leave to become a little firmer (so that it can hold it's shape).

5.  Next, press in the bottom of a glass, pulling it out carefully to create a dip for your cactus to live in and leave to dry completely.

6.  Once dry, remove the mould and clingfilm from around the plaster. Use sandpaper to make the edges nice and crisp.

7.  Spray with a clear sealer before covering the top with masking tape and spraying the bottom and sides with copper spray paint.

8.  Once dry, spray with the sealer again and line the dip/hole with glue and then clingfilm. Trim off any excess.

9.  Tip out the cactus from it's pot and carefully remove as much soil from its roots as you can. Add some of this to the planter before popping the cactus in and surrounding with the rest of the soil.

10.  A move is always tough so give your cactus just a little bit of water to help it settle in and then display it proudly!


1.  Click on the 'Download PDF' button to download the template on the right.

2.  Open the PDF and print out onto card.

3.  Construct the mould as directed by the instructions on the printable.

Paper Print out.jpg
PicMonkey Collage.jpg

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