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If you caught my Done List May 2016 post, you'll know that in a bid to be a bit healthier and more mindful with my list writing, I've started a monthly 'Done List' sharing snippets of the past month. These snippets might simply be things that made me happy, things I've done, things I've made or things I've achieved.

I can't believe it's getting close to being a year since I started writing these monthly 'Done Lists'. I definitely haven't been able to be as consistent with them as I'd planned to be, but I've found them enjoyable and they've certainly helped remind me of all the things that I have managed to do, when I have found the time to sit and reflect back on the past month. The last couple of months have been crazy busy, and I've really not done all that many interesting things, and so I've squashed the two into this one post. Enjoy!

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1.  Wandering around Wakehurst Place in the sunshine on my birthday

2.  Making this card for a good friend who popped the question to his other half

3.  Finally sharing this DIY Sharpie Mandala Bowl on the blog

4.  Finishing and submitting my thesis!

5.  Squeezing in an Easter DIY with this basket made from hot glue

6.  Enjoying a day off of thesis writing with the family for Easter

7.  Buying this hedgehog house and painting a sign for it for mothers day

8.  Sitting in my parents garden and doodling in the sunshine

9.  Spending some quality time with my grandparents in Devon