Five Faves Friday - Embroidery DIYs - Isoscella

1.   DIY Embroidered Picnic Tote by A Pair and a Spare

2.  DIY Embroidered Geometric Necklace by Teri Muncey

3.  DIY Embroidered Cards by Dote Magazine

4.  DIY Personalised Embroidered T-Shirt by The Lovely Drawer

5.  DIY Word Embroidery by A Pair and a Spare

Embroidery is absolutely everywhere at the moment and I'm loving it! There are so many amazing DIY ideas out there and picking just five was extremely difficult, but I got there eventually and these are the tutorials I narrowed it down to. I have to say, A Pair and A Spare seriously know what they're doing!

Which of these is your favourite?

Share your own, or favourite, embroidery DIYs below!