Art Handmade Christmas Cards by Isoscella

I hope that everyone has been enjoying the festive period this year. I am fortunate enough to have another few days off and so for me Christmas still hasn't quite ended (woop!). Christmas has to be the best time to make, bake and create - whether that's cards, presents, decorations or yummy treats. I've had quite a crafty festive season this year, and so I thought I would share with you over a series of posts, snippets of my own 'Handmade Christmas'...

Art Handmade Christmas Cards by Isoscella
Art Handmade Christmas Cards by Isoscella

Inspired by my Panda illustrations, I decided to create my own Christmas cards this year. To create this, I started by sketching each element of the illustration (i.e. the panda, christmas tree and bauble) separately on paper in biro. I then scanned in each element and using Adobe Photoshop Elements, digitally 'cut out' each element. Using Adobe Photoshop Elements again, I layered the elements on top of one another and using the paintbrush feature, coloured the in bauble. Once completed, I placed these on top of a wintery background that I had created.

Unfortunately I didn't give myself enough time to physically print them out (the digital collaging took quite a while), which along with some technical difficulties, meant I had to send them via email. They were still appreciated by my friends though and I like the fact that my cards were not only homemade but that I saved a few trees in the process :)

What do you think of how it turned out?

Have you made any Christmas cards?

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