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I received a Twitter notification quite some while ago informing me that ISOSCELLA had been nominated for the Liebster Award by Cake + Whiskey - how bloomin' exciting! If you haven't seen the Cake + Whiskey blog before, be sure to check it out, there are so many interesting and lovely posts on there ranging from food recipes to wish lists. So thank you to them for the nomination and their kind words about this blog! Everytime I get a new follower on bloglovin, a comment on here, a tweet on twitter or a like on instagram, it completely amazes me. This little space of the internet is where I just really enjoy writing about the things I draw and create in my spare time so the thought that other people might enjoy looking at what I do just fills me with pride and joy :)



1. 5 things you always have in your fridge?

ALWAYS milk. My boyfriend and I both live for coffee. | Probably tomato ketchup - what DOESN'T it go with?! | Garlic & chilli peppers. We LOVE Indian and Thai food. | Often LIME. A G+T just isn't right without one!

2. The most beautiful shoes you’ve ever seen?

I know it's not real, but the idea of it for me makes it the ultimate shoe, so I'm going to say Cinderella's glass slipper. With the recent release of CINDERELLA, several designers have recreated the magical glass slipper which are simply all stunning. Above is my own illustration of the Jimmy Choo version, which the actress Lily James recently wore on the red carpet.

3. The quality you value over every other?

I'd probably have to say KINDNESS. Being kind is so important for me, particularly working in mental health. Just smiling at someone can make a difference to that persons day and how they feel about themselves.

4. The ultimate comfort food?

A chocolate orange. Whenever I've had a hard day, I'll be sure to pick one up to TREAT for myself. Today's been pretty hard actually..hold on.. *runs off to Tesco's express*

5. The website I should definitely add to my read-list?

I absolutely love Fall for DIY. It's a blog with a clean and minimalist aesthetic which is full of cute, creative and easy to follow ideas so if you haven't seen it already, go and have a look!

6. Your ultimate pizza toppings?

I'm a complete sucker for Domino's so my choice is rather steered towards their menu, but I'd have to say Tandoori Chicken.

7. Your favourite colour?

Duck egg blue and all it's different variations.

8. What do you always ask your mum to cook for you?

Teriyaki chicken with curried noodles. It's my absolute fave and nobody makes it like my mum! :)

9. What you dream to get for your birthday?

I've wanted an Olivia Burton watch for aaages and this year my boyfriend did SO well and got me the Olivia Burton Big Dial Chrono Detail Mint and Rose Gold watch so I'm not really dreaming of anything else... yet!

10. What should I eat tonight?

See above, Teriyaki chicken and curried noodles :)

11. Biggest pet peeve(s)?

I cnt stNd d uz of txt TLK wen ther iz n character limit. Arrrghhh! See how annoying that was to read?! No to text talk.


I am going to nominate the following lovely blogs, which (unbelievably!) have less than 3000 followers on bloglovin: Jade and FernDorkfaceGrey HoodieHolly Exley IllustrationKatrina Sophia BlogSeaweed KissesThe Crafted LifeZoe NewlovePocketheartThe Lovely Drawer and Hannah Bakes Things.

Rules for The Liebster Award are to 1) Thank those that nominated you, 2) Answer your questions, 3) Nominate and link another 11 blogs for the award, 4) Create 11 questions for nominees to answer, and 5) To inform nominees they have been nominated. There seems to be differences as to how many followers nominees should have but I just went with less than 3000.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed creating it! 

Share your own Liebster Award post links in the comments below so I can have a read of them :)