DIY Copper cactus glass votive by Isoscella
DIY Copper cactus glass votive by Isoscella
DIY Copper cactus glass votive by Isoscella

Cacti are seriously on trend at the moment. I've seen so many cactus-related DIY's out there and have been desperate to try one for myself. So after handing in my case study report on Friday, I took most of the weekend off from work and made it my mission (in between enjoying the sunshine!) to find myself a little DIY project. Whilst looking for inspiration, I came across these beautiful cactus wine glasses on Urban Outfitters and just knew that a cactus print, using copper glass paint, would look great on a glass candle votive. Keep reading to find out what I used and how I did it...

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Glass Votive  |  Copper Glass Paint  |  Paint Brush

DIY Copper cactus glass votive by Isoscella

1. Grab some old glass votives. I found mine on sale in a craft shop for just 80p each (bargain!). They were a little scratched and dirty but after a good wash with warm water, I'm considering them as just having a little 'character'.

2. Practice drawing cacti on paper. Whilst those are drying, grab yourself some paper and start drawing out some cacti to copy.

3. Use the glass paint and a paint brush to paint on your cacti. I started right at the bottom and went all the way around painting cacti in regular increments. I then went around painting cacti above and in between each of these. This paint is pretty transparent so after painting on my outline I dabbed paint on in between to get it as opaque as possible.

4. Leave to dry thoroughly. I left mine to dry overnight and whilst the paint was still very wet turned it up side down every now and again to stop the paint from accumulating in certain places.

5. Pop a candle in and enjoy the cacti-ey shadows that this quick and easy DIY creates!

DIY Copper cactus glass votive by Isoscella

Are you as obsessed with this cacti print as me?

Let me know in the comments below!

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