1. DIY Bunny Jars by Torie Jayne

2. DIY Easter Clay Ornaments by Mahalolena

3. Table Decorations by Campbell Soup Diary

4. DIY Glitter Easter Eggs by Girl. Inspired

5. Hanging Paper Eggs by Indecora

Easter is such a great time to get creative. Despite this, I don't really remember much easter crafting in my childhood. We've always celebrated Easter; got the family together on Easter Sunday for a roast lunch and the handing out of chocolate eggs. But we've never really decorated the table or painted eggs or done easter egg hunts. I suppose because of that, I find all the easter-related pins and blog posts fascinating. I've found myself recently spending quite some time looking through them, mentally promising myself that when I have the time, I'll decorate my home with lots of DIY lovelies like those above.

What do you think of these easter DIY's?

 Link some of your own / favourite DIY's in the comments below!

Happy Friday!