It's that time of year again and where I live, pumpkins are everywhere; every shop has them in stock and even the small green grocers around the corner has them in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours. If you read my no-mess mumpkin post last year, you'll know I'm not really into carving pumpkins - mine never seem to turn out how I want them too and it's just so messy - so instead I prefer to paint and decorate my pumpkins.  As I was having a few friends around to celebrate Halloween this year, I decided to get a few pumpkins and mumpkins in to use as part of my table decor. After a bit of experimenting with my trusty glue gun (and lots of glitter!), I decided to decorate one of the mumpkins with a simple zig zag pattern. Alternatively, a glittery spotted or geometric pattern would have looked great. Paired with a plain pumpkin, a hand-lettered 'trick-or-treat' pumpkin, two other gold spray painted mumpkins and some candles, it made a simple but chic centrepiece.

glitter mumpkin diy.jpg

1. Using a permanent pen, draw a pattern on your mumpkin. I used a black permanent fine liner here as I couldn't find a gold one, which is a bit of a shame as you can see the black through the glue and glitter in places.

2. Draw over a small section of the line with hot glue. This can be a little tricky to keep neat but just make sure you go over the line completely.

3. Sprinkle glitter over the glue before it sets. This can get really messy really quickly, so be sure to put a sheet of paper on your work surface so you can save any excess glitter for your next project!

4. Shake off any excess. Is it just me who can't say 'shake' without singing 'it off' in my head?! Anyway, get rid of any excess glitter so that you can see where you need to glue next.

5. Repeat these steps until your whole pattern is covered. Because hot glue dries so quickly, if you try to put glue all around the pumpkin before adding the glitter, it'll be set and the glitter won't stick. The best way I found was doing a small section at a time like this. 

6. Brush off any excess glitter & peel off any unwanted glue. Using a brush, remove any glitter not where you want it to be and carefully peel any glue off not on the lines.

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments below!

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