It's pretty close to the day itself at this point but this is my favourite halloween craft I've done this year and so I wanted to be sure to squeeze it in before tomorrow. If you follow me on instagram you'll know that I've been practising my hand-lettering for a while now and that I really enjoy doodling different phrases with a fine liner. So, with one of my pumpkins, I decided to have a go at hand-lettering a suitably Halloween-ey phrase on a pumpkin. I really liked how it turned out though I did make a mistake on the 'k' which is annoyingly all I see when I now look at it. Incase you want to try this and you're not confident in drawing it out I've included a template that you can use below. Otherwise, let your imagination run wild and doodle away!

1. Put tape all over the stalk of the pumpkin. As I said in my previous posts, you want to use tape that is easy to peel off but waterproof.

2. Turn the pumpkin upside down and spray paint the bottom. Place the pumpkin with the stalk facing down and spray with the can about 3cm away. Spray in smooth strokes from the middle outwards.

3. Once dry, turn the pumpkin the right way up and spray paint the top. Drying times really vary depending on what paint you're using so be sure to check before turning it over. Spray the top from the middle outwards in smooth strokes.

4. Leave to dry thoroughly. Of all the times you leave your pumpkin to dry this is the most important. I left mine overnight to be sure it was completely dry and so that drawing on it wouldn't pull any of the paint off.

5. Using a pencil, lightly draw out the phrase on the pumpkin. If you're using a matte paint like I did then it is surprisingly easy to draw on the pumpkin with a pencil and if you make a mistake you can even rub it out!

6. Go over the pencil with a permanent marker or fine liner. I used one of my permanent and waterproof fine liners but you could definitely do this with a sharpie. 



How to use:

  1. Download and open the file
  2. Load your printer with tracing paper
  3. Print out the template
  4. Trace on the reverse of the printout
  5. Place over pumpkin and trace over

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments below!

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