I just love the lazy days that follow Christmas. On these days, you're more than likely to find me curled up on the sofa, stuffed full of chocolate and watching back to back films. More than anything, I love how totally acceptable if feels to do nothing because it's Christmas. As much as I'd quite like to hit pause on this time, the New Year is fast approaching and that in itself is exciting. 2017 is a pretty big year; if all goes to plan I should qualify as a Clinical Psychologist. To see in the New Year, my boyfriend and I are off to a NYE party however my parents are in for the evening and so before I came back home to the flat, I made them a little star garland to hang on their fireplace to help them get into the NYE spirit! Keep reading to find out what I used and how I did it...


1. Brush water onto your watercolour paper.

2. Paint on and blend together stripes of different colours on the paper.

3. Leave the watercolour paper to dry.

4. Draw or trace a star shape and cut this out to create a template.

5. When the paper is dry, use the template to draw stars all over the painted paper. 

6. Cut out each individual star with scissors or a craft knife.

7. Cut off a length of cotton thread.

8. Fold short lengths of tape in on themselves to create double-sided sticky tape.

9. Using these bits of tape, stick pairs of stars together with cotton thread in between.

10. Repeat along the thread and tie loops at each end.

I hope that you have a great NYE, whether you're staying in or going out, and that the New Year brings you everything you hope for. Happy New Year!

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