DIY Easy Glitter Striped Nails
DIY Glitter Striped Nails
DIY Glitter Striped Nails

Christmas and new year celebrations may be well and truly over but with all the beautiful sparkly nail varnishes I got in my Ciate London Mini Mani Month 2016, I am determined to find a way to continue the party on my nails. What with work and trying to maintain some professionalism, I wanted a discreet way to get some sparkle on my nails and so I decided on a simple dusky nude/pink base (like Pinterest, I'm obsessed with dusky pink at the moment) and a stripe of sparkle down the middle. I have such short nails (also, please ignore the state of my cuticles, they're a work in progress!) so I went for a vertical stripe to try make them look longer (well it works with clothes!) before finishing with a clear shiny top coat. Keep reading to find out exactly what I used and how I did it...

DIY Glitter Striped Nails
The What
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DIY Glitter Striped Nails
The How

1. Paint all over nails with a basecoat. For this I used the Ciate 'Status Grow' Treatment as it not only provides a good base but helps your nails grow.

2. Once dry, paint all over nails with your base colour. I chose the Ciate 'Iced Frappe' Polish for this as I'm just leaving pastel shades of pink at the moment.

3. Cut small strips of tape. Using my trusty Scotch Magic Tape, I cut off lots of strips and stuck them on the edge of my work surface ready to use.

4. Once nails are dry, put on two strips of tape with a gap between.

5. Paint over the gap with a glittery polish. I did this straight after applying the tape by dabbing the polish on over the gap.

6. Before this dries, carefully peel off the tape. Straight after dabbing on the glittery polish I carefully peeled off the magic tape (one side at a time) so that the glittery polish was still wet.

7. Repeat steps 4-6 on each nail.

8. Once dry, paint over with a hard top coat. For this I used the Ciate Gelology Top Coat. Normally I manage to chip my nails immediately after doing them (literally!) but with this stuff I didn't so I'm massively impressed with it.

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DIY Glitter Striped Nails

I haven't written a nail art post in what feels like forever but I really enjoyed doing this. I'd love to hear what you think of posts like this and whether you'd like to see more of them on isoscella, so let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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