I've been loving this Copper Pineapple Storage Pot on Oliver Bonas for a while, so when I found this ready-made paper mache pineapple in Hobbycraft, I knew exactly what I wanted to do! Of course, its not metal and doesn't have quite the same high quality finish, but it's quenched my "I need a copper pineapple storage pot in my life" urge and saved me £24 in the process! It was also really fun to make and I love how it adds a little bit of fun (and ofcourse a splash of copper!) to my bedside table whilst keeping my everyday jewellery tidy and safe. Keep reading to find out what I used and how I did it...

1. Mark where you want to cut the pineapple in two. To do this I used a black permanent marker and as you're painting over this it doesn't matter if you don't cut along this exactly.

2. Carefully cut along this line. I did this with a sharp knife. You want to try and do this as gently as you can so that you don't get any jagged edges. Though if you do, use some sandpaper to tidy it up. 

3. Seal where the paper mache has split. Much to my surprise the inside of my paper mache pineapple was plastic and where I had cut it the paper mache had come away from this slightly. So using some glue and paint, I sealed it back together.

4. Paint the inside with a layer of acrylic paint. I wanted to be sure that I got a nice even coat of spray paint (and because the inside was plastic!), I first painted a thin layer of acrylic paint on the inside.

5. Once dry, spray paint the inside with white paint. I left this to dry for a few hours before grabbing my white spray paint, giving it a good shake and spraying an even coat of paint on the inside.

6. Once dry, spray paint the outside with copper paint. Again, I left this for an hour or so to dry. I then placed the lid and base with the inside facing down and sprayed copper paint all over the outside.

7. Leave to dry & spray with a second coat of copper. I didn't get quite the even coverage or shine I wanted after the first coat and so after an hour I went back in with a second coat.

8. When dry, spray with a thin layer of sealer or varnish. To protect all that hard work, I then went in with a clear sealer spray. It's best to do a thin layer of this and do a second if you need to. Use a glossy finish to give it a nice shine!

pineapple finished.jpg

Will you be giving this DIY a go?

Let me know in the comments below!

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